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Custom 4x6" Mini Print

Custom 4x6" Mini Print

As you see, there are no options to pick and choose from a list of artwork.
Here's your chance to request 4x6" prints of ANY artwork in our repertoire:
Hollee or Mimimiru, be it completed works or just simply doodles.

During checkout, simply link or describe the piece you want in the comments,
or message us via Tictail Chat, or email us at kazehimeshop(@) 
with your request.

As long as we've drawn it, and it is printable, we will custom print for you.

+ Cropping style is at our discretion, unless requested.
+ We will not print anything not drawn by our artists.
+ We will not print anything related to our charms/stands/pins/buttons.
+ Please email us beforehand if you aren't sure something is printable.